Anime fanfiction:

  1. Happy to be Home
    Creation Date: December 2004
    Rating: Dee/Ryo (PG13)
    Description: Ryo is happy to get home

Wolf's Rain:
  1. White
    Creation Date: February 2005
    Rating: Kiba/Tsume if any (G)
    Description: Lots of snow, a few playful pups, and one tired one. WRS Drabble Challenge

  2. Unanswered Obsessions
    Creation Date: September 2004
    Rating: Various Pairings (PG)
    Description: Various unrequited loves/obsessions from three different wolves. These are three 150-word drabbles strung together. WRS Drabble Challenge

  3. Pet Wolf
    Creation Date: August 2004
    Rating: Tsume/Toboe (R)
    Description: Toboe needs some serious petting.

  4. Substitute
    Creation Date: June 2004
    Rating: Tsume/Toboe, unrequited Tsume/Kiba (R)
    Description: Toboe is understandably scared about his first time. WRS Drabble Challenge

  5. Not Yet
    Creation Date: May 2004
    Rating: pre-Tsume/Toboe (G)
    Description: Awake at night, Tsume finds himself evaluating his companions. WRS Drabble Challenge

  6. Some Things Never Go Away
    Creation Date: May 2004
    Rating: Hubb/Cher (G)
    Description: Hubb debates the nature of his relationship with Cher. WRS Drabble Challenge

  7. Lunch Date
    Creation Date: May 2004
    Rating: Hubb/Cher (G)
    Description: Short ficlette in which Hubb and Cher have a lunch date to discuss Hubb’s side case about the wolves.

  8. Where the Wolf Lies Down with the Lion
    Creation Date: August 2003
    Rating: Moony/Tsume, Remus/Tsume, Remus/Sirius implied, Slash (R)
    Crossover: Harry Potter/Wolf's Rain
    Description: One night during a full moon, Moony meets a mysterious, furry stranger who makes memories flood back painfully.

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