Highlander fanfiction:
  1. Revenge and Remembrance
    Creation Date: unfinished
    Rating: R
    Description: Presently Unfinished. A Highlander fanfic centered around Methos, but containing most of the lead characters. When a mysterious woman walks into Joe's bar, all their lives are put on hold.

  2. Letters from the Beyond Creation Date: Summer 2000
    Rating: G
    Description: musings on Richie's death, inspired by words at the Legacy convention

  1. Archangel
    Creation Date: Summer between seasons 5 & 6
    Rating: G
    Description: A short, rhyming(that explains it already) poem written about the 5th season finale of Highlander

  2. Cassandra's Poem
    Creation Date: few weeks after Comes a Horseman/Rev 6:8
    Rating: PG13 for violence and implied sex
    Description: Written from Cassandra's perspective, this is my poetic take on Highlander episodes 'Comes a Horesman' and 'Revelation 6:8'

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