Lord of the Rings fanfiction:
  1. Waking
    Creation Date: November 2005
    Rating: R (Legolas/Gimli)
    Description: Gimli "helps" Legolas wake up. I donít really know what this is... maybe part of something bigger? I donít know. But here it is, for what itís worth.

  2. Haew Aur
    Creation Date: April 2005
    Rating: R (Legolas/Gimli)
    Description: As he spends his morning relaxing, Legolas is not alone.

  3. Lovers in the Long Grass
    Creation Date: January 2005
    Rating: NC-17 (sort of Legolas/Haldir)
    Description: Haldir teaches a young Legolas about more than just how to be a good lookout.

  4. Bathing Later
    Creation Date: January 2005
    Rating: NC-17 (Legolas/Gimli)
    Description: Add one tired dwarf and one sexy elf to a hot spring and stir rapidly.

  5. Quite a Few Steps from the Door
    Creation Date: January 2005
    Rating: R (Legolas/Gimli, past Legolas/Aragorn implied)
    Description: After a skirmish, Legolas and Gimli enjoy a few moments alone together. Pleasure, however, is short-lived

  6. Learning to Relax
    Creation Date: May 2004
    Rating: R (Legolas/Gimli)
    Description: Gimli isnít very good at relaxing... but thatís what Legolas is there for

  7. Elf-Sharing
    Creation Date: August 2003
    Rating: PG13 (Legolas/Gimli, Legolas/Aragorn)
    Description: Aragorn and Gimli attempt to share Legolas.

  8. Dwarves' Tongues
    Creation Date: January 2004
    Rating: R (Legolas/Gimli)
    Description: Very short PWP set during the night after a lovely bout of love-making

  9. Refuge from the Cold
    Creation Date: March 2003
    Rating: G
    Description: Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas take refuge in a mountain cave to wait out a blizzard and allow an ailing Legolas a little time to rest.

  10. Cherishing
    Creation Date: March 2003
    Rating: R/NC-17 (Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Gimli, Frodo/Sam loosely implied)
    Description: Just following Gandalfís fall, the Fellowship set out for refuge in Lůrien. Legolas, overcome with grief he must repress, falls ill and depressed and attempts to survive the only ways he knows how.

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