Other fanfiction:
  1. Forever Knight: Regaining a Father
    Creation Date: June 2000
    Rating: G (maybe PG13 for normal Vampire escapades)
    Description: Another of my Master-Student stories. This one... with lovely Vampires! Sure, it's a stretch, but it actually makes a bit of sense, if you think about it :-)

  2. Velvet Goldmine: Falling Glitter
    Creation Date: September 2001
    Rating: R
    Description: Itís Brian and Curt. Just a shameless, plotless reason for them to shag some more. Set during their brief Ďmuch neededí vacation. Note- this piece is very rough and in need of some good revisions.

  3. Phantom of the Opera: Insight
    Creation Date: December 1999
    Rating: G
    Description: A bit AU, Erik develops a cold and the mysterious new opera house manager develops a weakness for him.

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