Star Wars fanfiction:
  1. The Sleepies
    Creation Date: November, 2004
    Rating: PG
    Description: Obi-Wan takes care of his sleepy Qui-Gon

  2. Pledges
    Creation Date: May, 2004
    Rating: R
    Description: Obi-Wan is regretting his generosity as he muddles over collecting pledges for an upcoming marathon

  3. Cultural Differences
    Creation Date: March, 2004
    Rating: R?
    Description: Short ficlette(more like a drabble) in which there are there are some cultural differences and eye-opening discussions

  4. Private Passions
    Creation Date: March, 2004
    Rating: R
    Description: Obi-Wan lusts after his master... and cannot bring himself to look away when he stumbles upon something he really shouldnít be watching

  5. Traditions
    Creation Date: Summer, 2001
    Rating: Timid Slash
    Description:Best described as "Qui-Gon in a kilt" or better yet, "What thoughts cross Obi-Wan's mind with Qui-Gon in a kilt"

  6. Silence is the Speech of Love
    Creation Date: November, 2003
    Rating: PG13, AR
    Description: Autumn strikes, along with the beginning of cold and flu season, and hits Ben hard.

  7. Awkward Silence
    Creation Date: October, 2003
    Rating: PG13
    Description: A responsible Obi-Wan catches cold for the first time as Qui-Gonís Padawan. But they both have things they dread having to talk to the other about.

  8. Searching
    Creation Date: November, 2003
    Rating: PG13
    Description: Obi-Wan explores the dating scene, trying to find someone who feels right. And trying to seek advice from his master about his subsequent disappointments.

  9. Reward
    Creation Date: February, 2002
    Rating: R
    Description: Short PWP in which Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan return home from a mission

Series... sorta:
So, amidst writing a few other Staw Wars fics, I stumbled upon a character I really liked and wanted to do more with. His name is Tala D'Marke and he's a healer(and a writer). He was banished from the Jedi when still in the academy, but remained loyal to the ideals and his morals. He's a very good friend of Qui-Gon's and plucked Obi-Wan up as a friend on the way as well :-).
Anyway, so these are a series of stories all of which involve Healer Tala. It's really too hard to put them in any order since I didn't write them lineraly and the first one chronologically should be read as a flashback. UG! At any rate, Tala is all mine and only mine :-) Everything else from a swatch of cloth to each and every planet and star is George Lucas' and I don't get a dime for this

  1. Long, Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
    Creation Date: Spring, 2000
    Rating: G
    Description: With Obi-Wan off world, Qui-Gon pays a visit to the healers and runs into his old friend, Tala

  2. The Jabberwalk
    Creation Date: Summer, 2000
    Rating: Implied Slash (G)
    Description: Obi-Wan's turn to take ill with his master off world, taking him to the medical center and under Tala's wing. A little bit of tension implying slash, and a very snappish, bitter little Obi-Wan

  3. To Old Friends
    Creation Date: February, 2001
    Rating: G
    Description: Many years back, a sort of prequal to his involvement with the Jedi boys. This one takes place when Qui-Gon is a padawan, nearing his trials and off world visiting Tala with an important offer from the council. Lots of angst, morality, and some cuteness showing Tala (and Qui's) character(s) very nicely I think

  4. To Be a Master
    Creation Date: October, 2001
    Rating: G
    Description: Set after To Old Friends and before the untitled piece, this one revolves around two short tracks of angst for Qui and Tala. The main theme is masters, and Qui-Gon's decision to become one

  5. Travels
    Creation Date: unfinished :-(
    Rating: G
    Description: The adventures of Tala after he accepted the offer and took off on a medical ship to heal the whole galaxy.

  6. Breaking Through
    Creation Date: April, 2001
    Rating: Smarm (PG13, if that)
    Description: Obi-Wan struggles to care for his master... as they both realize how much they really care for each other. Tala makes a cameo; this is the smarmiest of them all, and nothing close to slash

  7. Journeying
    Creation Date: December, 2002
    Rating: Implied Slash (PG13)
    Description: Obi-Wan and Anakin head home after a mission to Hoth. Obi-Wanís got a bit of a cold, Anakinís sick of the cold temperatures, and theyíre both quite glad to be returning. Of course, itís never quite that easy and the journey they find isnít one that requires traveling.

  8. Caught
    Creation Date: December, 2001
    Rating: Implied Slash (G)
    Description: A year after losing Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan comes down with a cold, and of course it's Tala to the rescue.

  9. Crucial Moments
    Creation Date: June, 2001
    Rating: Smarm (PG13)
    Description: Set on Planet Hoth in the rebel base, this is a rather Jedi-less fic (though there's a glimpse of Luke and some hints at things most important to the later universe episodes). The fic zooms in on two other original characters, and basically portrays a loving couple clinging to the only things they can in the midst of the rebellion, with death all around. (A rather sad fic from Tala's perspective as well, I admit)
  10. Jedi Don't Worry
    Creation Date: November, 2001
    Rating: Very Light Implied Slash (G)
    Description: Takes place in two time periods. The first involves Tala and Qui-Gon as roommates when they were initiates at the academy. The second involves Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan travelling home on a cruiser from a mission off world.

  11. Brands of Healing
    Creation Date: February, 2003
    Rating: Very, very tame smarm (PG13)
    Description: A simple Sneezey!Obi PWP ficlette in which Obi catches a cold and Qui sets his mind to healing his Padawan any way he knows how.

  12. Vacation
    Creation Date: April, 2003
    Rating: G
    Description: Tala is off world taking a forced vacation. But his miserable time is soon interrupted by a call from an old friend and bit of an adventure.

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