General Highlander vids:

1. We Never Say Goodbye (available upon request)
Creation Date: January 2003
Fandom: Highlander
Song: Boys 2 Men- It's So Hard to Say Goodbye
Summary/Notes: My very first attempt at vidding. It's short and has mixed sound with music. I used this to play with timings and pretty much just figure out the software possibilities and limitations.

2. Same Clan, Different Vintages (available upon request)
Creation Date: February 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using The Gathering and Endgame)
Song: Enigma- Return to Innocense
Summary/Notes: My first actual attempt at a music vid. I wanted to explore Duncan and Connor's student-teacher relationship within the context of their friendship, loyalty, and devotion. The song might not seem to fit the theme at first, but I look at it from the persepctive of the immortal's life forces and what it means to pass on knowledge and laughter as much as energy. In that way, even in dying immortals are sort of reborn.

3. Forever Young (available upon request)
Creation Date: May 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using only Family Tree, Lady & the Tiger, Return of Amanda, Finale and To Be)
Song: Forever Young (Club Mix)- Temperance
Summary/Notes: Using limited resources, here's my first Duncan/Amanda vid. Some dancing, some seducing, some cute moments, and some sex of course.

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