Episodic Highlander vids:

1. The Gathering-101 (Same Clan, Different Vintages) (available kate@kintailscape.comupona>)
Creation Date: February 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using The Gathering and Endgame)
Song: Enigma- Return to Innocense
Summary/Notes: My first actual attempt at a music vid. I wanted to explore Duncan and Connor's student-teacher relationship within the context of their friendship, loyalty, and devotion. The song might not seem to fit the theme at first, but I look at it from the persepctive of the immortal's life forces and what it means to pass on knowledge and laughter as much as energy. In that way, even in dying immortals are sort of reborn.

2. Family Tree-102 (
available upon request)
Creation Date: March 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Family Tree)
Song: Father of Mine -Everclear
Summary/Notes: A song which explores the very important concept of fatherhood. Starting and ending with Duncan's being disowned, we also see Richie's struggle to cope with not having a father... only to look at the very fatherly bond between Duncan and Richie that we know will strengthn over time. There's a boring part in the middle, sorry about that. Actually, this could easily be my worst video... sorry about that, too! :-)

3. Bady Day in Building A-106 (available upon request)
Creation Date: April 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Bad Day in Building A)
Song: Bad Day- Fuel
Summary/Notes: Another horrible episode which is actually bearable in the length of a short music video. Reacurring ticket imagery, Tessa in strong woman role, and just enough of the action.

4. Deadly Medicine-108 (available upon request)
Creation Date: March 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Deadly Medicine)
Song: I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones
Summary/Notes: I know, the point of the episode was not to be sedated, but the episode is such a terrible one that a bad match of song just seemed appropriate somehow.

5. Shadows-309 (available upon request)
Creation Date: July 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Shadows)
Song: Unwell- Matchbox 20
Summary/Notes: Another episode vid, this one touching on Duncan's mental instability and how Anne, Richie and others take it

6. Homeland-401 (available upon request)
Creation Date: July 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Homeland)
Song: Loch Lomond- Steve McDonald
Summary/Notes: Another episode vid, this one centering around the more Scottish and love-of-his-life parts of the episode Homeland. A lot of the episode is left out because it didn't fit the song, like the villan, his father, and Rachael. So I might end up doing another vid for this one, if I find another good song that fits.

7. The Immortal Cimoli-417 (available upon request)
Creation Date: February 2004
Fandom: Highlander (using The Immortal Cimoli)
Song: Circus Theme to Monky Island (computer/video game)
Summary/Notes: I've always had a thing for TIC and his beachball of evil. I thought his episode deserved some upbeat funky circus music, lots of scenes mocking him, and a noble intro. I wanted to put some of my favorite lines in there... but it didn't work well with the vid. So instead I just used reoccuring poster imagery. Cookie to anyone who counts and gets the number of posters used here right! :-)

8. Revelation 6:8-512 (available upon request)
Creation Date: May 2003
Fandom: Highlander (using Revelation 6:8)
Song: The Boys are Back in Town- Thin Lizzy
Summary/Notes: A tribute to the horsemen's revival, albeit a short revival.

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