Mixed-Fandom vids:

1. Roots of Rhythm (available upon request)
Creation Date: January 2003
Fandom: The Lion King
Song: Paul Simon- Under African Skies
Summary/Notes: My first full video. I wanted to do something that connected Simba and his father on maybe more than a goody-goody level. I wanted to bring out the two extremes of love and angst and connect the roots of rhythm with the circle of life. Unfortunately, it looks more like a summary of the movie plot, but I tried :-)

2. You Should Be Here (available upon request)
Creation Date: August 2003
Fandom: The Dead Zone
Song: 20,000 Seconds - K's Choice
Summary/Notes: I was trying to show romance and longing all at once... a little bit of Johnny's life, a little bit of his love- the things he does now, the things he tries to distract himself with, and the woman he still truly loves. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but it's interesting enough.

3. Right Now (available upon request)
Creation Date: May 2004
Fandom: Veritas: The Quest, epsiode 2
Song: Right Now- Van Halen
Summary/Notes: This is a relatively episode plot-driven video. The main secondary focus is Nikko coming into his own and being part of the group. This is my favorite episode of the short-lived series, and I thought it deserved a special video all for itself. The medium quality one is more like low quality... I definitely recommend the higher quality version.

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