Weiss Kreuz vids:

1. Hurt (High-13.7MBs) (Med-3.58MBs)
Creation Date: September 2003
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Song: Hurt- Johnny Cash
Summary/Notes: I had this vid in planning for months now, but I suppose it was hearing it over and over again on tv after Johnny Cash died that made me finally finish the vid. It's a lovely song (sorry Johnny!) it just fits Farfie so darn well. And I'm actually not even a huge Farfie fan :-)

2. Save You (High-14.1MBs) (Med-5.66MBs)
Creation Date: September 2003
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz, the Weiss Kreuz OAV, and Weiss Kreuz Gluhen (contains spoilers for WKG)
Song: All You Wanted- Michelle Branch
Summary/Notes: This vid is what I call "My favorite Omi & Ken moments". I started on a completely different track with this video before what I realize I was doing was making 2 vids. So I just stuck with Omi/Ken for this one and I'll save the other vid for another time. Anyway, lots of cute Omi/Ken. Hope the ending's not too rushed. I love my snuggley little killers :-) The clips were taken from fansubs so sorry about quality and the words- though I tried to actually work the dialogue into the song since I was stuck with it.

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